Free internet trick : How to get free 10 GB data in Airtel 4g

(New) Free 10GB 4G data in Airtel : Grab as soon as possible

So Do you want to use free internet in Airtel? Or your current recharge is going to expire soon?
I am going to sharing a latest working trick where you can get 10GB 4G data for free for 28 days.

Free 10GB 4G data in Airtel : How to grab it?

If you are planning to recharge your number with another internet pack, there is no need to spend money for 10 Days because this trick will give a way to grab 10GB free data for 10 days.
<>Toh3 grab this offer just follow the steps given below.

Requirements for getting free data?
If you are confused to how can i get this offer then this is the few requirements which you have to use.

1. Working Airtel 4G Sim : you should have Working 4G enabled SIM card because this will not work on 3G SIM.

2. 4G Android/iOS mobile : 4G mobile is also a basic
requirements to get this offer. If you dont have 4g mobile you can't get free data.

If you have both the things mentioned above then you are ready to grab the offer.

Follow these simple steps to get free data.

1. First get a Android Mobile with 4G airtel SIM.
2. Open dialer pad in your mobile and dial *121*51#
3. A popup window will appear on the screen.. Where you have to press any offer.
4. You will see different type of options on the screen, search Free 10 GB data offer.
5. See the number of offer in which 10 GB data offer is available.
6. Click on reply and type the the number where option is availabile.
7. After that you will receive another popup message to confirm the activation. Press on reply button and again type 1 and send it.
8. After few seconds you will receive a message on you airtel number. Again you need to confirm the offer from message.. Just type Reply and Type 1 and again send it to the number.

After few minutes you will receive a message "Congratulations you got 10 GB 4G data for day."

Check your data balance.. And enjoy 10GB data for 10 Days

Term and condition

* The offer is available only if you have Airtel 4G SIM. *The offer is available only if you have 4G mobile (Android/iOS)
*We are not promoting the airtel, we are just giving a way to use Internet for free.
*This trick will work on india.
*If you are not eligible for this offer, or you didn't get the benefits, its owner and airte. In will not be responsible for that.
*Your main balance on the sim should be less to 5 Rs. Otherwise it can be deduct.
*If your balance deducted from your number and you haven't received any offer benefits/ 10GB data.. and its owner will not be responsible for that.
*Data you got will be expired after 10days.
*You will get high speed data for 10days as per 1GB daily.

So this was a short trick to get free internet in airtel and free data pack. This trick is still working and i got 4 g data for 10day.. Here is the proof.

If you want to get free internet trick and all the tricks about Airtel then bookmark this site or subscribe with gmail account. I hope this trick was so helpful for you thanks for coming here.. If you got free data just comment below. Share this post on social media to make our site popular. Thanks